What are the language abilities or preferences of the potential participants?

Exhibit 13.B: Questions for Target Audience Analysis
• How many people might be interested in the program?
• At what times are the potential participants able to attend sessions?
• Where are the potential participants located (e.g., where geographically, all from one organization)?
• What are the ages of the potential participants?
• What are the educational levels of the potential participants?
• What gender, ethnicity, and social class are the potential participants?
• What are the language abilities or preferences of the potential participants?
• Do the potential participants have any special requirements (e.g., learning disabilities or loss of hearing) that call for specific program formats, instructional strategies, or special services?
• What can be assumed about the knowledge, skills, and experiences that potential participants bring to the program in relation to the content being offered (e.g., on-the-job training, as parents, students, community volunteers)?
• How do participants believe they process information best?
• What are the potential participants’ attitudes about education and training programs? About the organizations or groups that are sponsoring these programs?
• Are the potential participants in any identifiable career stages (e.g., entry level, near retirement) or life roles (e.g., parents, spouses, partners, and volunteers) that influence the content or process of the program to be offered?
• Why do the potential participants want to enroll or be involved in the program?
• Are the potential participants motivated to learn this material, and if so, what are the primary motivators?
• What are the costs to the potential participants for attending the program (e.g., fees for participation, loss of job time, travel, and child care)?
• What is the best way to reach this audience with promotional materials and tools?

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