What are the key points you use in developing topics?Explain


This essay is a comparison and contrast assignment that will compare two essays on a similar theme. Essays to analyze must be chosen from the list below. Your essay will let your reader (the class in this case) see the points that both essays are trying to make and your perspective on the topic.

At the end of the essay, on a separate page, describe your revision process:

What did you do in your revision that made your thesis stronger?

Did you use additional examples to develop your points in the body of the essay? List them.

List at two additional specific points made in the peer review.

What did you do to address those issues in your revision?

Essay List

The essays you choose to analyze must come from the following paired list. Select the category that interests you the most. You cannot mix and match essays from different categories.

Popular Culture

Alexie, “Superman and Me,” p. 582 and Lipsyte, “Jock Culture,” p. 349

Writing Tips

Look at how the authors present this topic. Does it add to your understanding or make you think of something related to the topic? Remember your essay must have a reader and a purpose in mind. In planning this essay, you must answer these questions:

Why is this matter of interest to the individual to whom you are writing?

What is your position on this topic?

What are the key points you will use in developing your topic?

What examples can you use from each text to develop your analysis

Use these answers in writing your essay. Your essay will compare and contrast the two essays according to whatever criteria you set. Focus your essay on your purpose and provide examples and details from both essays in developing your points.

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