What are the Importance of Primary and Secondary Data Research Methods

This paper should emphasize the importance of primary and secondary research data methods when evaluating the problem statement for TriVector Inc. A previous editing/proofreading order was placed concerning this same topic. An additional 2 pages are needed expanding on the theory importance of primary and secondary data research methods. Please fit the additional two pages within the paper attached. In addition, 3 more resources are needed for additional research. Also, discuss the importance of synergy as a conclusion of the research methods discussion. The synergy discussion should be relative the the applied management approach for TriVector Inc. Please reference the .pdf of the course book for further information (Babin, B., Griffin, M., Zikmund, W. (2012). Business Research Methods. (9th Ed). Publisher: Cengage South-Western.) This source has already been cited within the existing paper. This should not be included in the additional 3 outside sources requested for this paper assignment.

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