What are the five most important factors in a successful ad campaign?

(THIS IS A CANADIAN PAPER NOT AMERICAN PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND THANK YOU) Read the following articles below and after closely reading the articles, explain WHAT you think are the five most important factors in a successful ad campaign? and WHY you think those factors and NOT OTHERS are the most important ones. Some of these articles have complex forms of numerical analysis, don’t worry about those details.The authors always explain what they mean. (PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY OTHER ARTICLES OR REFERENCES, ONLY THE ONES PROVIDED)
1: Ted Brader “Striking a Responsive Chord: How Political Ads Motivate and Persuade Voters by Appealing to Emotions American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 49, No. 2, April 2005, Pp. 388–405

2: Travis N. Ridout , Michael Franz , Kenneth M. Goldstein & William J. Feltus “Separation by Television Program: Understanding the Targeting of Political Advertising in Presidential Elections,” Political Communication, 29:1, 1-23, 2012

3: Gerber, Alan S., James G. Gimpel, Donald P. Green, Daron R. Shaw, “How Large and Long-lasting Are the Persuasive Effects of Televised Campaign Ads? Results from a Randomized Field Experiment,” American Political Science Review Vol. 105, No. 1 February 2011

4: Faucheux, Ron, “Art of the Attack Ad,” Campaigns and Elections; Oct 2001; 22, 8;

5: Lau, Richard R. and Ivy Brown Rovner, “Negative Campaigning,” Annual Review of Political Science 2009. 12:285–306.

6: Freedman, P., W. Wood, D. Lawton, R. Faucheux, “Do’s and Dont’s of Negative Ads: What Voters Say,” Campaigns and Elections; Oct/Nov 1999; 20, 9. What are the five most important factors in a successful ad campaign and why I think those factors and not others are the most important ones

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