What are the Evidence of thoughtful consideration of evidence and presentation plan

The purpose of this assignment is to develop the rationale for your Professional

Development Portfolio and the basis on which you plan to develop it. Some aspects will be

developed further and in a more reflective way in Assignment 2.

• A statement of the purpose of your Professional Development Portfolio;

• A statement of your current or recent professional responsibilities or professional

development on which you will base the development of your portfolio, and your

career plans that are relevant to the portfolio;

• The professional standards (or other relevant basis) that you plan to use to

demonstrate your learning or practice development, as well as identify your strengths

and areas for improvement;

• A brief statement of your professional beliefs and values;

• The kind of evidence you plan to use and why; and

• The method of presentation of your portfolio and reasons for choice.

This assignment will be assessed in relation to:

Clarity of description of rationale and plan

Linking of plan to purpose and rationale

Evidence of thoughtful consideration of evidence and presentation plan

Appropriateness of writing style

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