What are the Elements of Poetry?explain

In this essay, you will select a poem from the poetry section of your textbook and write an analysis of that poem, specifically discussing how the poet used at least two elements of poetry to achieve Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry)

What are the Elements of Poetry?








•Visual Imagery

•Figures of Speech






Assignment Details

1.The essay will be 3-5 pages, in standard MLA manuscript form

2.The language of the essay must be consistent with academic writing

3.Following from a well-crafted thesis, the essay must maintain its focus on how the selected elements supported the poet’s purpose

4. Specific examples and excerpts from the poem must be provided and discussed in depth.

5.The essay must reach a clearly stated, well-supported conclusion that goes beyond the original assertion of the thesis and which shows what you (the essay writer) have learned of importance about the art of poetry by analyzing this poem.

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