Was the American Civil War an inevitable consequence of the American Revolution?

For this topic you will compare and contrast the American Revolution and the American Civil War–their causes/foundations and ideologies. Think about the differences/similarities of a “rebellion,” “civil war,” and “revolution.” Remember also that revolutions are processes as well. The “American Revolution” does not just end with the signing of the Declaration of the Independence on 4 July 1776. Revolution does not just end with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. “America”–the USA–did not simply spring into being, fully realized and fully formed.

What were the similarities and/or differences in the debates surrounding each event? How did the outcomes and decisions during the American Revolution and writing of the Constitution affect the coming of the Civil War?

Or, where these events completely different and unrelated in their causes and courses?

1) An introduction of 5-7 sentences that introduces your topic, context, and a clear, concise (one-sentence) THESIS statement. A thesis statement sets the roadmap for your paper.

2) Use of appropriate EVIDENCE. You have read primary sources all semester that will be the evidence for your paper’s argument. Evidence does NOT need to be directly or extensively quoted. It can be “paraphrased.” Paraphrasing means summarizing the evidence in YOUR own words. Paraphrased material must still be cited because it is not your idea. It is your summary of evidence, but not your original idea.

3) CITATION of evidence. Any evidence MUST be cited. If you turn in a paper with zero citation, you will automatically receive a grade of C-. Using Chicago-style footnotes is part of the History writing process. No citation = PLAGIARISM, and plagiarism = failure. SO PLEASE CITE!

4) Each paragraph should have a topic and concluding sentence. These sentences should relate to your thesis to keep your paper in a clear order and keep your argument from getting too off-track.

5) A concluding paragraph. The conclusion can be as short as 3-5 sentences. It is a restatement of your thesis and summary of your argument and key pieces of evidence.

The paper will be written in Times New Roman font, size 12, double-spaced, with default, 1-inch margins. No Courier New 15, or 2.5 spacing, or 3-inch margins. Also, do not include headings that take up over half of the page. The only heading you need is your name and paper title. You will also use Chicago Manual style citing. EVERY quotation or paraphrase of specific information MUST be cited.