Was anything present that eclipsed knowledge or compromised the person's capacity to dicern good from bad or right from wrong?

Respond with a well written philosophical essay, You may use your notes, the handouts, Mackinnon’s text your moral imagination and insight and other materials if you with. Textual references must be cited in footnotes or endnotes. Make sure that your sentences are well formed, your paragraps exhibit thematic unity, and you answer each part of the question. Be Clear, be specific, be thoughtfull, and give reasons for what you say.

1. Plato claims whenever we know what is right we will act on it. By contrast, conventional morality is the commonly held view that sometimes we knowingly do wrong. Use a compelling and detailed example of moral wrongdoing and argue for Plato’s view or the view of conventional morality. You cannot defend both and you cannot avoid either the one or the other. If you beleive CM is true, you must show why knowledge (rather than ignorance )is the better explanation for moral wrongdoing. If you think Plato’s view is right, you must similarly explain what you find satisfying about his view.

Use an obvious example of moral wrongdoing. Adultery, cheating, promise-breaking, and lying are obvious enough examples. Avoid difficult moral problems in which we don’t know the fact of the matter and we are not sure that wrongdoing has occurred. (don’t use children as an example of moral agency.)

Be sure your example illustrates the wrongdoer’s state of mind because we want to know which is the better explanation for the wrongdoing: knowledge or ignorance Was the agent overcome by anger or desire? Was anything present that eclipsed knowledge or compromised the person’s capacity to dicern good from bad or right from wrong?

My true beleive is in Conventional morality and not Piety. If you could help me with this essay I would appreciate it.

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