The self is an evolving composite of self-awareness, self-concept, and self-esteem.discuss

1) WATCH ONE of the following movies (preferably “precious”) :

American Beauty – Released in 1999 Director: Sam Mendes

Nutty Professor – Released in 1996 Director: Tom Shadyac

Never Been Kissed- Released in 1999 Director: Raja Gosnell

Precious- Released 2009 Director: Lee Daniels

2) FIND EXAMPLES in the movie of at least 6 concepts from Chapter 2. Choose concepts that you learned for the first time when reading this chapter. Challenge yourself! Note: chapter concepts are generally printed in bold text

The concepts in chapter 2 are:

– Self: The self is an evolving composite of self-awareness, self-concept, and self-esteem.

– Self-awareness: is the ability to step outside yourself (so to speak); view yourself as a unique person distinct from your surrounding environment; and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

– Social comparison: observing and assigning meaning to others behavior and then comparing it against ours.

– Self-concept: is your overall perception of who you are

– Self-esteem: is the overall value, positive or negative, that we assign to ourselves.

– Self- discrepancy theory suggests that your self-esteem is determined by how you compare to two mental standards.

– Face: The face we present to others is the self-others perceive and evaluate. Sometimes our face reflects our inner selves, and sometimes we adopt masks. When we lose face, embarrassment results.

3) WRITE a paper in which you indicate and define (in your own words) the key concepts you have chosen. Then clearly describe the examples you found in the movie that illustrate each chosen concept. Assume that your reader has never read the textbook nor seen the movie. In other words, you must be very explicit and detailed in both your definitions and your examples.

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