The Law of Focus “The most powerful concept in marketing\’.

The mine topic: The Law of Focus “The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect’s mind”.Take a position in the paper, provide good analysis, and focus in should focus on an interesting (even tangential) aspect of the topic. Most the paper should be about “The Value of Focus” and How to narrow the focus to a single word or concept?Provide good real world examples for companies doing that in details. Who is them and How they done that and what they gain from that (from academic sources).At the last page, link “The Value of Focus” with Market Penetration in Ansoff matrix. With asking a question for example: how can using Market Penetration to owning a word in the prospect’s mind. Then find me an example for a company done that. Important instructions:The introduction and the overview should be no more than 1 paragraph.Avoid the use of nonspecific pronouns (this, them, their, they, etc)At least 6 outside sources with a mixture of quality academic journal sources, popular press, and other sources.

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