The following are cytoplamic fixatives except: a)clarkes fluid b)mullers fluid c)orths fluid d)schandins fluids e)carnoys fluid

1.The role of centrioles includes:a)excretionb)cell divisionc)transportd)energy synthesise)production of enzymes2.The first phase of mitotic division is:a)prophaseb)anaphasec)metaphased)telophasee)meiosis3.Cytoplasmic inclusions include:a)golgi apparatusb)lysosomec)mucind)vacuolese)ground substance4.Transitional epithelium are mainly found in?a)ureterb)bladderc)bronchioled)small intestinee)gall bladder5.The kidney is mainly made up of two parts namely:-a)serous coatb)mucuos coatc)muscular coatd)cortexe)medulla6.The two types of cells that make up chromophil of pituitary glandinclude:a)eosinophilb)pars nervosac)alpha cellsd)beta cellse)delta cells7.Acetone is a special fixative used mainly for the demonstration of:a)chromosomesb)nucleusc)lysosomesd)phosphatee)lipase8.Picric acid is a peculiar fixative in that:a)it causes conjuctitiesb)it precipitates proteinsc)it is used as a fixative,stain and in differentiationd)it is explosive and has to be stored under watere)it is radio opaque9.Post-chromitization is:a)treatment of tissue with 3% potassium dichromate after normal fixationb)unmasking fatty substancesc)treatment of tissue with potassium dichromate in order to improvemitochondria staining reactiond)washing tissue sections in watere)is done before fixation10.The following are cytoplamic fixatives except:a)clarkes fluidb)mullers fluidc)orths fluidd)schandins fluidse)carnoys fluid11.Chelating agents include:a)EDTAb)Varsenec)Zeokarbd)Trichroacetic acide)Formal saline

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