The control process involves purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing these foods in food service operations.Discuss


As the assistant food & beverage manager at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, you have the mandate to instruct your staff on the application of control process in the food service establishment.

You are expected to choose one of the following items from each category and apply the control process to the specific food product.

Category I- Meat and Fish

Fillet mignon

Fresh Fish


Pork loin

Category II- Dairy and Eggs

Fresh egg

Fresh whole milk

Ice cream

Canned milk

Cream cheese

Category III- Poultry



Chicken patty

Chicken salad

Category IV- Fresh Produce









Hint: The control process involves purchasing, receiving, storing and issuing these foods in food service operations.

For example when purchasing fresh fish:

a. what do you look for (Characteristics)?

b. What does the receiving clerk do/look for/ before accepting merchandise?

c. Storage of Fresh Fish

d. Issuing Fresh fish to the Kitchen (chef). 2. ( 1.) Why do do most goverment jurisdictions prohibit restaurants from serving raw milk?

(2. )Assume that you are the kitchen supervisor for a resort hotel. Your Sunday brunch normally includes scrambled eggs. Your cooks have been preparing them in a steamer and serving them in a chafing dish; customers then help themselves. The quality of this product is not as good as you would like it to be, but the alternative of scrambling a few eggs at a time to order is not viable. You could purchase frozen scrambled eggs packed in 5 pound Cryovac bags. These eggs need only to be steam-heated for 20 minutes. Their quality, in your opinion is superb. The Ap price is very high, however-approximately three times the price of fresh eggs. What do you suggest? If possible, ask a resort hotel’s food and beverage director or kitchen supervisor to comment on your answer.

(3. )Why is the age of a bird at the time of slaughter an important selection factor?

(4. )Why are free range and kosher chickens more expensive than chickens raised in the typical way?

(5.) Explain why chicken is referred to as a commodity item.

3. (1. )KWG Enterprises sells a frozen breaded shrimp, 8 to a pound, for $ 7.69 per pound. It’s fresh, raw shrimp, 14 to a pound, sell for $6.24 per pound. A restaurant normally sells about 24 orders of fried shrimp each day. Which product should the buyer purchase? why?

(2. )What benefit would a restaurant owner gain by listing on the menu the point of origin for the meat offerings?

(3.) The AP price of lean hamburger is $1.89 per pound. The AP price of regular hamburger is $1.09 per pound. The lean meat shrinks 10 percent when cooked; the rgeular meat shrinks 30 percent.

i. At what AP price must the lean hamburger sell at to make it equal in value to the regular hamburger?

ii. Assume that the EP cost of both the lean and regular meat is equal. What other specific consideration should you examine before purchasing either the lean or the regular.

(4. )Is it a good idea to let a wine steward purchase, receive, store, and sell the wines? Why or why not? How would you exercise control over the wine steward?

(5. )The consumption of beverage alcohols in the United States has declined over the past few years. What are some of the reasons for this decline? This is hospitality management course homework. First question is a assignment, you have to write 2 pages; second and third question, you just need answer the question and write one page.

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