Statistical procedures can be used to infer characteristics and predict behavior of a large population based based upon a representative sample of that population.Discuss

“Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Focus Groups” Please respond to the following:

* From the scenario, propose two (2) methods that Golds Reling, Inc. could use in order to effectively measure customer satisfaction for the new product launch. Choose the most effective method, and suggest one (1) process that the organization could follow in order to implement your chosen method. Justify your response.

Imagine that you have been tasked with creating an app for Apple’s iTunes store. Determine two (2) research tools (surveys focus groups, concept testing, etc.) you will use to identify customers’ needs. Provide a rationale for your response.

Dear Students, based upon the Golds Reling (GR) scenario and the question above, how could the company utilize a Focus Group approach to help develop customer satisfaction metrics for their new laptop? Please check out the link below for additional information on Focus Groups.


Dear Students, I think the second question is a little harder than the first because to come up with a new app means having to conduct research over a broader population of people that could be potential customers. A process that I’ve used begins with conducting focus group interviews (qualitative) to help create a survey of questions around the topics that are important to the targeted community. Then the questions have to be tested for validity, reliability and accuracy. This step can be very laborious and time consuming because it means administering the questionnaire to a larger heterogeneous population (quantitative) to refine the questions. Anyway, herein lays the challenge for you to come up with a new app for the iTunes store.

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Dear Students, fact based marketing management decisions require market research. However, we must first decide what facts we are trying to get and why. For example, we are trying to identify what features are important to an appropriate marketing segment of students for our laptop computer. We could start with a qualitative approach to help focus a larger quantitative study to follow. For example, the use of focus groups to observe the behavior of people, and the use of unscripted interviewers to get information about what is important to the prospective customers could help determine the feature set of the products. However, a focus group is a relatively small group and may not be representative of a larger population. Since it may not be practical or even feasible to survey every prospective customer for our laptop, we would use quantitative research to collect data from a larger population. We would need to draw a representative sample from the population that can be converted to forms of data; e.g. nominal, ordinal, ratio, scale, and interval values for use in a statistical program such as SPSS or SAS. Statistical procedures can be used to infer characteristics and predict behavior of a large population based based upon a representative sample of that population.