State cases in which a teacher should write a referral for a student to go to the office.

at least 150 words There are many different cases in which a teacher should write a referral for a student to go to the office, but usually it is more beneficial to take care of matters themselves.  Anytime a student is being really disruptive, disrespectful, or doing any sort of major offense, it could be best to let the principal handle things.  However, if the student is doing something mild, then it is best to address the crime in the classroom whether it is giving extra work, taking points off, taking away recess time, etc.  If the student is doing something like continuing to be disrespectful to the teacher, threatening either the teacher or other students, vandalism, etc. are all acts that need serious discipline that only the office staff can address.  It is the principal that handles things like giving in school suspension, or regular suspension, or contacting parents, etc. There have been many times however though where the teacher gets tired of misbehavior so they send the student to the office just to get them out of the classroom.  When I was observing a fourth grade class recently there was a student that everyday was misbehaving and causing disruption by throwing fits like a toddler.  Instead of handling the situation herself, the teacher sent him to the office every single time it happened just to get him out of the classroom.  It is unfortunate when a teacher can\’t handle their own students but maybe she was new and simply did not know how to fully handle that type of situation yet.

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