State and explain ways of applying principles of critical thinking.

Write a formal (either APA or MLA) critical essay paper (approximately 1,500 words), applying principles of critical thinking to your analysis. Critical analysis involves going into the depths of the subject objectively so that readers get to know the subject better and in detail. A critical analysis should not only be a review, but it should also contain a summary of what other critics say about the work. The major purpose of it is to voice your concerns, views, and opinions based on correct and logical evidences.You should be reflective (think deeply and engage in multiple rewrites), not reflexive (inserting the first ideas that come to mind).Be thorough, precise, and convincing. Feel free to use \”if\” clauses, \”it is possible\” clauses, \”for his reason X to be true\” clauses, and \”for the reason to support his conclusion\” clauses, or any other creative device you choose to show the impact of any ambiguity or assumption that you have identified.

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