State a position on the role the U.S. Should have in the world.

Recently, Americans have begun rethinking our role in foreign affairs. The collapse of the Soviet Union, globalization, global climate change, international terrorism, have changed many of the assumptions about the way the world works and the way the U.S. Should play in it. You will develop a position on the role you believe the U.S. Should have in the world. In a MLA format essay with introduction, several paragraphs explaining your position, and conclusion, complete the following tasks:

1. State a position on the role the U.S. Should have in the world.

2. Provide background on your position by identifying key issues and events in U.S. Foreign policy history

3. Consider historical understandings of these issues and events as well as American values

4. Provide a minimum of three historical examples in support of your position.

5. Make explicit references within the MLA essay to three or more credible sources that provide relevant information and cite sources in MLA format.

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