Staining variations of tissue structures may be due to: a)Age of the stain b)Toxicity of the stain c)Poor stain storage containers d)Unlabelled stains e)Staining time

0.The following pigments can occur in tissue as a result of metabolismexcept:a)Haemazoinb)Bilirubinc)Porphyrinsd)Lipofuscine)Asbestos1.Which of the following agents can be used to remove pink diseaseartefacts?a)Running tap waterb)20% nitric acidc)2% nitric acidd)70% alcohole)0.2% urea2.Tissues fixed in non-alcoholic picric acid based fixative:a)Should be washed in 20-40% alcoholb)Should be transferred to 90% alcohol before processingc)Form insoluble green precipitate in waterd)Require post-chroming and mordantinge)Should not be cleared in chloroform3.The purpose of embalming include the following except;a)Disinfectionb)Body disposalc)Preservationd)Restoratione)Colouration4.Kaiser Ling solution II is recommended for museum specimen becauseof:a)Its ability to mix with paraffin waxb)High concentration of formaldehydec)Vapour productiond)Its ability to distort tissue structurese)Its ability to restore natural colour5.Cytology can be applied in:a)Embalming in histologyb)Determining the quality of microscopistsc)Enabling proper embedding of cellsd)Enabling proper embedding of cellse)Assessing the degree of pathologist”s confidence6.Characteristics of cancer cells include:a)Hypo-segmentationb)Diminished cell sizec)Loss of cell nuclear inclusiond)Anisonucleosise)Hypochromasia7.Pap smears that show inflammatory cells only are classified as?a)CIN 0b)CIN IIc)CIN Id)CIN IIIe)CIN IV8.Fixation of cytological smears is best done by use of:a)Alcohol/Ether mixtureb)95% ethyl alcoholc)Mercuric chlorided)10% formaline)Osmium tetroxide

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