Staffing Your Intrapreneurship Plan

Staffing Your Intrapreneurship PlanAPASUBTITLE FOR EACH QUESTIONPARAPHRASE EACH CITATIONWRITE 3 PAGESUse at least 5 quality academic resourcesPLEASE REFERENCE ORDER NUMBER # 81591949 TO COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENTStaffing Your Intrapreneurship PlanTake the intrapreneurship plan you created for Assignment 2. Think about the people you would need and the skills they need to possess to effectively support your intrapreneurial business idea.Write 3 pages1. Assess the type of team you consider the most appropriate to support your intrapreneur idea. Based on the previous assignment identify which team is the best fit, choices one 1. Empowering teams 2. Workteams. 3. Problem solving teams, 4. Selfmanaged teams, 5. Crossfunctional teams. Virtual Teams2. Explain how you will recruit (both internally and externally) the members of your team.Examples (Internet, schools, employee referrals, review applications, resumes) ,3. Identify the key position to lead your team. Then, create the job posting for the position including salary range.Tip: Review job descriptions using your favorite job search engine (e.g.,,,, etc.), and check common skills and requirements for similar positions. For the salary range, you can visit or Apply the four (4) functions of management and effective decision making to efficiently utilize resources and achieve organizational goals.6. Integrate the core human resource management functions and considerations into viable recommendations to meet the organization’s operating requirements.7. Examine team concepts and effective communication in the workplace.

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