Should professional fighters be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs to improve athletic performance? Discuss.

Hello,I need to write a 8-10 page research paper. My chosen topic is Performance enhancing drugs in mixed martial arts. I believe professional athletes should be allowed to use performance enhancing drugs for athletic performance because, cigarettes and drinking are legal even though they kill people, everyone had the right to make choices about their bodies and steroids would level out the competition to make sporting events much more entertaining. The paper needs to be APA format. I need to include opposing views and counter argue against them. I need to have reliable and scholarly research that is good for research papers. I want the paper to talk about how cigaretes and alcohol are far more dangerous than steroids and provide statistics. I want to provide and brief history on steroids and the different types of steroids and performance enhancing drugs being used in mixed martial arts. I want to discuss how models and celebrity\’s use plastic surgery to enhance their looks and can also have negative side effects. Lastly I would like the paper to explain with evidence how steroids would make competition even and make the sport more entertaining to watch and earn more money. I need to include atleast one picture and a statical graph. 

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