Share your opinion about project management case.

This is for the reply to the student’s discussion postings. First, please read the attached file ” Case-1.docx & Case-2″. Next, share your opinion/argument or judge this.

In your replies, make sure that : (1) contribution, (2) conceptual justification (references to the textbook), (3) real-life justification (examples), and (4) discussion enrichment and critical thinking (external articles/books)

The topic of these two cases is “1. The project you are managing is now behind schedule. 2. Describe the analysis you would undertake when faced with this challenge. 3. What are some of the actions you would consider to take to try to bring the project back on track. 4. Describe any tradeoffs in terms of cost, schedule and risk that can be introduced into the project as a result of the actions you take.

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