Right-to-Work Laws: Where Are They Headed in the Future? Explain

There is a written Course Project due at the end of Week 6. It should be 14 pages in length (excluding the cover and reference pages). Your work must be double spaced with 1-in. margins and should use one of the five approved style formats (APA or MLA are preferred).

You should choose a labor relations topic that is of interest to you. This could be (a) an idea that comes out of one of the class case studies, (b) something you have wanted to investigate for a long time and have not had time for, (c) a labor relations issue that is pressing at work and needs a solution, or (d) a recommendation that you want to make to your organization’s labor relations professionals or to your union.

Your paper should be organized in such a way that you integrate the following elements into your work.

•A clear thesis that consists of at least two main points

•An introduction section with a detailed background or history of the topic

•A literature review that incorporates research supporting your assertions on the topic

•A recommendation section in which you will explain what you have learned and how you propose to alter or amend the situation discussed

•A conclusion