Discuss how we are moving from an era of cheap abundant energy to an era of scarce hard to get expensive energy?

Q1) Some say oil is the excrement of the devil , oil is black blood, oil is the blood of the dinosaur, oil is the blood of the earth however, most would agree that oil is the blood stream of the world economy. Debate this notion?

Q2) Discuss how we are moving from an era of cheap abundant energy to an era of scarce hard to get expensive energy ?

Q3)Why are oil exporting nations interested in keeping the world dependent on oil as long as possible?

Q4) Increased unemployment, poverty, bankruptcy, starvation their are all kinds of things that happen when a society collapses, we are entering a new world of unbelievable oil shortages and its only a few years away. Discuss how this will affect your life.

Q5) Describe how oil is not like wheat, we are not growing it every year. The great bulk of the worlds oil was formed in two very brief epochs, in periods of extreme global warming 90 and 150 years ago. when the organic material was buried to a depth of 2000 m a chemical reaction converted it into oil. formed once, briefly over 4B years geological time.

Q6) All the oil created over earth’s 4B years, humans will use up in one or two centuries. How will this affect an engineers career ?

Q7) one barrel of oil costing just over $100 will produce as much energy as you can get from 12 people working all year invest $1 to extract oil out Iraq and get back 25,000 hours of human labor. How can we replace oil?

Q8) Oil is our gad. This energy is so dense it nearly free energy. The most invaluable resource we have ever discovered?

Q9) What is the actual cost of products you enjoy? Discuss why the construction of an average car consumers the energy equivalent of 27 and 54 BBL of oil. Construction of a laptop PC consume 10 times their weight in fossil fuels. Microchips consumes 630 times its weight in fossil fuel during its construction. What is all this going to cost when we run out of cheap oil?

Q10) There are 7B people living on the planet. Most are reasonably well fed as a consequence of the green revolution.

Q11) Describe how the green revolution consisted in large measures of fertilizing land with petrochemicals derived from petrolum.

Q12) For every calorie you eat, requires 10 calorie of hydrocarbons energy to produce. How are we to feed 9B people 2050?

Q13) The liquids that come out of oil as its processed and refined, create the building blocks for all our petrochemical, chemicals, materials, plastics and pharmaceuticals. How will engineering adapt to a world without cheap oil?

Q14) How the end of cheap oil affect your career?

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