Physical theory of staining includes all of the following except: a)Permeability b)Density c)Solubility d)Adsorption e)Coloured compound

1.How are floaters avoided when performing papicolon staining technique?a)By filtering and changing xylene regularlyb)By staining gynaecological smears differently from non gynaecologicalc)By avoiding bluing solutiond)By dipping five times or less during dehydration and clearinge)By lowering alcohol levels to ensure not all the parts of the smear are stained2.During Orange G 6 stains preparation the following reagents are requireda)Ethyl alcoholb)Phosphotungstic acidc)Light greend)Bismaret browne)Lithium carbonate3.Koilocytes are more prominent ina)Normal cellsb)Parasite invaded cellsc)Human papiloma virus invaded cellsd)Treponema palidum invaded cellse)Cancerous cells4.The role of centrioles in a human cell includes:a)Digestive and delivery system of the cellb)Storage of supplies within the cellc)Protection of the celld)Division of the cell during mitosise)Carries nutritional value of the cell5.During metaphase:a)Nuclear membranes are formed and chromatin dissolves into new nucleusb)Cytoplasmic membranes become elongated and constrictc)Nuclear membrane disappears and centrioles arrange themselves at the opposite poles of the cell.d)Two daughter cells are formede)The two chromatids of the chromatin start to repel each other forcing chromosomes to separate6.Simple squamous epithelial cells are found in:a)Retina of the eyeb)Gall bladderc)Tymphanic membraned)Loop of henlee)Salivary glands7.Which of the following is not of the small intestinal wall?a)Medullab)Serous coatc)Muscular coatd)Mucosa coate)Sub-mucosa coat8.Two types of cells located in pituitary gland include:a)Gama cellsb)Alpha cellsc)Zelta cellsd)Episilon cellse)Beta cells9.The ingredients of carnoys fluid include:a)Absolute ethanolb)Picric acidc)Potassium dichromated)Chloroforme)Distilled water10.Why is mercuric chloride fixative not widely used in histology laboratory?a)Causes shrinkage and is a slow fixativeb)Causes mercuric chloride pigmentc)Tissues fixed using mercury can only be demonstrated using an electron microscoped)Its explosivee)It can only be used to fix bones which will be de-calcified using x-ray technique11.Modified millioning is modification of:a)Zenker fluidb)Flemming fluidc)10% Neutral buffered formalind)Hellys solutione)Carnoys fluid12.Why are chelating agents not used routinely as a means of de-calcification?a)They are very toxicb)They form yellow pigmentsc)They require electricityd)They are very slowe)Zeokard 225 is not usually available13.How is nitious pigment removed from a tissuea)washing in running tap waterb)By using 5% ureac)By using scoH tap waterd)By using 100% ureae)Using ethanoic acid14.The melting point of hard paraffin wax is:a)45-50 degrees Celsiusb)36-37 degrees Celsiusc)55-60 degrees Celsiusd)48-56 degrees Celsiuse)46-48 degrees Celsius

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