Our world must triumph over Population control challenges in order to develop in a sustainable way. To what extent do you believe this is true and why?explain

Assessment Task 5 Semester 2, 2014

Course Name:

Course Code: Global Studies T


Unit Name Cultural Identity in Asia, Challenges

Unit Code 60553

Unit Value 2.0

Assessment Task Extended Writing – Research Essay

Weighting 15%

Length 800-1000 words (Yr 11)

1000-1200 words (Yr 12)

Plus in-text referencing and a reference list

1. Task

Your task is to write an essay on one of the following Global Challenges.

• Population control

• Growing waste/pollution

• Renewable energy

• Global warming/Climate change

• Rising sea levels

You are to answer the following question:

Our world must triumph over these challenges [choose one from above] in order to develop in a sustainable way. To what extent do you believe this is true and why?

2. Method

1. Choose one of the global challenges as your topic for your essay

2. Read through the question carefully and ensure that you fully understand the question

3. Research your topic

4. Organise your essay in to a structured formal essay. Ensure that your essay has:

a. an introduction that presents your viewpoint on the matter and the way you are going to address the topic

b. two to four arguments with enough evidence and examples to prove your point of view

c. a conclusion summing up the ideas you have presented

5. Record all of your sources as you research

6. In-text reference all of the information you have discovered whilst researching

7. Organise your sources into an accurately constructed reference list

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