Make an ethical judgement on a specific social, economic, political, civic, or environmental problem that you wish to see resolved. Explain

Your introduction should establish the ethical problem, explain its significance, and present a thesis statement containing your solution to the problem. Any relevant background information may be included either in the introduction or in the paragraph(s) immediately following. The body of your paper should explain the ethical principle behind your argument and analyze the situation on the basis of that principle. The body should also include evidence that supports your solution and all significant benefits of your solution. Your paper should also address any objections to your solution and provide refutations to all opposing arguments. Your conclusion should reinforce the main points of your proposal and issue a call to action or call for further study.

Papers should be a minimum of 7 pages and should include a minimum of 8 sources. All sources should be documented according to MLA guidelines in both parenthetical citations and a separate Works Cited page.

Your heading should be located in the upper left corner of the first page and should read as follows:

Your name
Comp II Section 420
Professor Donna Maxwell
May 4, 2014

After the heading, double-space and center your title, double-space again and begin your essay.

A thesis/ topic in which you will state the issue you will be discussing and the solution(s) you will be proposing and ethical statement is the first part of the delivery. I see that progressive delivery isn’t available for this order and I wonder how I can get the thesis statement and ethical statement in time for Thursday?

I am uploading one document for you to use as a source. It is my belief that children starting in a dual language classroom from Kindergarten up would be a great benefit to children. All the children with the exception of Hispanics in Texas will be the minority by 2050. They need Spanish/English dual language classrooms. I also wanted to bring in information from the North where children need French/English dual language classrooms. I believe that it is only right to give these children an opportunity to speak 2 languages and that waiting until 7th grade is too late.