Long-Term Chalenges of Energy and FIscal (Un-) Sustainabilty

Make a policy brief based on the three given articles. The aim in writing policy briefs is to provide senior-decision makers in the public and private sectors with first-class analysis of the key management issues of the day. The objective is to highlight events, trends, and developments that are significant, particularly where there are important policy or other implications at stake. Each output should be relatively short and clear.

Opening paragraph – should highlight the key underlying theme(s) which run through the piece. Questions to consider include: are we signalling the shape of things to come, are we challenging assumptions, or are we showing that a received wisdom is no longer valid? A good introduction paragraph should be brief and clear, preferably in less than 150 words.

Analysis – this is the bulk of the piece. Contains the supporting analysis, explaining as much as is necessary and giving vital supporting evidence, information, and data. The analysis should be logically and factually consistent. We should identify the main variables at play in any situation as well as the trends that are shaping developments.

Impact – Outputs should conclude with a paragraph about impact, addressing the consequences of the developments/trends analyzed in the analysis section. This final section should not replicate content found elsewhere in the text, but rather should offer concise analytical insights and, if necessary or practical, short policy recommendations for practitioners. (I will be uploading the two main articles needed for this paper)

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