Leadership and management are critical aspects of organizational effectiveness.Discuss


Leadership and management are critical aspects of organizational effectiveness. Both play an important role in guiding both the company’s overall direction, and in that execution which achieves the resultant goals.

In class, we introduced a model for thinking about leadership versus management:

We also discussed the personality types related to classifying leaders:

• Analytical;

• Driver;

• Expressionist; and

• Amiable.

Additional information:

View Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on the How Great Leaders Inspire Action: http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action?language=en#t-91667

Review the Mind Tools page covering Level 5 Leadership, in particular the 5 key points:



Your team leads SpaceX ( http://www.spacex.com/about ), which recently announced a $100 million in a new facility in Southern Texas. You are currently confronted with multiple challenges in ensuring that the facility is built on time, and on budget:

• A local environmental group is contacting the EPA regarding disruptions to wetlands;

• You must recruit 200 employees, with a range of STEM skills, over the next 12 months to ensure adequate staffing; and

• Several key investors are concerned about relocating a significant portion of the operations so close to the border with Mexico, in light of challenges related to illegal immigration.

In light of the situation your team is being asked to manage a press conference to communicate SpaceX’s benefits.

In your response, please structure your answer to cover:

1. What is the scenario? Please summarize the major factors, or challenges that you, as SpaceX must confront.

2. What are the solutions? What management and leadership skills and/or traits could you could employ to bring structure to the situation, and instill confidence?

3. What is your recommendation for the key talking points that the CEO should use at his press conference? How would you convey that the organization is on the right track?