Kaiser Ling solution II is recommended for museum specimen because of: a)Its ability to mix with paraffin wax b)High concentration of formaldehyde c)Vapour production d)Its ability to distort tissue structures e)Its ability to restore natural colour

0.The following pigments can occur in tissue as a result of metabolismexcept:a)Haemazoinb)Bilirubinc)Porphyrinsd)Lipofuscine)Asbestos1.Which of the following agents can be used to remove pink diseaseartefacts?a)Running tap waterb)20% nitric acidc)2% nitric acidd)70% alcohole)0.2% urea2.Tissues fixed in non-alcoholic picric acid based fixative:a)Should be washed in 20-40% alcoholb)Should be transferred to 90% alcohol before processingc)Form insoluble green precipitate in waterd)Require post-chroming and mordantinge)Should not be cleared in chloroform3.The purpose of embalming include the following except;a)Disinfectionb)Body disposalc)Preservationd)Restoratione)Colouration4.Kaiser Ling solution II is recommended for museum specimen becauseof:a)Its ability to mix with paraffin waxb)High concentration of formaldehydec)Vapour productiond)Its ability to distort tissue structurese)Its ability to restore natural colour5.Cytology can be applied in:a)Embalming in histologyb)Determining the quality of microscopistsc)Enabling proper embedding of cellsd)Enabling proper embedding of cellse)Assessing the degree of pathologist”s confidence6.Characteristics of cancer cells include:a)Hypo-segmentationb)Diminished cell sizec)Loss of cell nuclear inclusiond)Anisonucleosise)Hypochromasia7.Pap smears that show inflammatory cells only are classified as?a)CIN 0b)CIN IIc)CIN Id)CIN IIIe)CIN IV8.Fixation of cytological smears is best done by use of:a)Alcohol/Ether mixtureb)95% ethyl alcoholc)Mercuric chlorided)10% formaline)Osmium tetroxide

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