Is magnetic resonance imaging effective in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease in asymptomatic adults?

Dear Writer,


As you know we have worked on EEDRIP module together which will help us in dissertation. But, if you will take some information from my EEDRIP course work I need two things:

1. Edit and adjust mistakes through read feedback from my supervisor (I have attach it with order under name ‘Feedback EEDRIP’.

2. Don’t take it copy past please to avoid self-plagiarism.

I need please in the Methodology – critically discusses the methods/techniques deployed to identify eligible studies, their appraisal and analysis to underpin the study (2500 words)

*** Please see the sample it will be help you how to build my methodology section.

*** Please change my mistakes in (Feedback EEDRIP) and make it as feedback said in methodology part. (For example change from Prisam tool to QUADS2 tool) and there is a lot of things need to change.

***Plagiarism: lower than 10% please.

***References: recent and strong please (I need some reference from 2014) (no more 10 yrs. please)

*** Please take your time with this order I’m not hurry. I need clear and good methodology.

N.B/ I have attached file as sample it’s completely different in topic and style but may be help you in structure or style of writing.

Best wishes.