Is China ready for GM rice?”

Is China ready for GM rice?”write an argumentative essay, ” Is China ready for GM rice?”Order DescriptionPlease following the requirement :• For this assignment, you will write an argumentative essay. First, read Jane Qiu’s article Is China ready for GM rice? (I’ll send it to you later). This article will be the basis of your own argument.• Start by analyzing Qiu’s argument, identifying her position and main points. Then decide on your own position and develop your argument.1. Underline your thesis statement and all topic sentences.2. Don’t use a cover page.3. Write a title for your essay• For a general layout of arguments, refer to page 149 in the textbook.• Your essay should convince people to agree with your opinion or suggestion. Don’t forget to address the merits of the opposing opinion!• You are not required to use any outside sources for this essay, but you will need to cite Qiu’s text. If you do use outside sources, they must be acknowledged as well.• Whether you quote or paraphrase, the source must be acknowledged both in the body of your text and at the end of the essay using the MLA citation style.• Don’t overdo it with quotations; remember that most of the essay should consist of your own ideas and your own words.

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