In what areas of IT or industries would Knitting SOCs tool or solution be applicable.

White paper review

Go to: . Scroll down the main page under Latest 25 Papers Added to the Reading Room; or (on the right side of the page) select Most Popular. Select the topical paper that interests you involving IT issues.

***** (I PICKED FROM THE TOP SUBJECT Knitting SOCs) ****

Next answer the questions and post a MSWord document that contains your answers as a reply to your post of the selected white paper title.

1) What general area of IT does this paper cover?

2) What specific area of IT does this paper cover?

3) This paper describes a tool or method? Write 700-1100 words that clearly describe the subject of the paper and the area of applications or problem(s) it can solve.

4) In what areas of IT or industries would this tool or solution be applicable (10-50 words)

5) What is the name of the company and range of IT customer or industries they serve? (10-50 words)

6) List the key words or terms that can be used to describe the topic or service. (20-40 words)

7) Every whitepaper has a summary or conclusion section. Summarize that section of the paper in your own words. (20-40 words)