.In enzyme histochemistry,the embedding media of choice would be: a)Water soluble waxes b)Ester waxes c)Paraffin waxes d)Celloidin e)Gelatin

1.Selective visualization of birefringent structures is best achievedthrough:a)Polarizing microscopeb)Phase contrast microscopec)Light microscoped)Electron microscopee)Fluorescence microscope2.Mechanisms of cell injury include:a)Haemostasisb)Adenosine triphosphate depletionc)Increased permeabilityd)Oxidative stresse)Damage to mitochondria3.Reversible replacement of one differentiated cell type with anothercell type is referred to as:a)Hyperplasiab)Atrophyc)Dysplasiad)Metaplasiae)Hypertrophy4.New growth produced by neoplasia is called?a)Benignb)Cancerc)Malignantd)Neoplasme)Dysplasia5.Inflammation can be classified into:-a)Chemical inflammationb)Acute inflammationc)Physical inflammationd)Toxic inflammatione)Chronic inflammation6.A micro-anatomical fixative is a solution which fixes:a)Specific nuclear substancesb)Specific elements of the cytoplasmc)The cell cytoplasmd)The general structures in tissuese)Only the cell outline7.The purpose of adding urea to nitric acid used during de-calcificationis to:a)Increase the refractive indexb)Make the tissue softc)Prevent explosion of the acidd)Dilute the acide)Prevent the yellow colour formation8.Freeze drying may be applied for:a)Bone tissueb)Enzyme histochemistryc)Lung tissued)Blood tissuee)Tissue to be embedded using water soluble waxes:9.Tissues shrink and become brittle when left for long in most clearingagents,to reduce these effects the most appropriate agent(s) to useis/are:a)Benzeneb)Carbon tetrachloridec)Aniline oild)Cedar wood oile)Ligroin

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