In Critical analysis of Background Education what are the significance of race, class, gender, dis/ability, or sexuality in shaping educational experiences, achievement and outcomes.

Students will be expected to consider the significance of their race, class, gender, dis/ability, or sexuality in shaping their educational experiences, achievement and outcomes. This paper requires research on the high schools students attended, the local politics/issues surrounding them, and their impact on the students’ educational trajectories. For example, reflexive analyses can explore racial segregation (racial/class); tracking (ability/gender); achievement gaps (race and gender) in students’ high school and society. Works that make a strong connection between personal experiences and public politics or policies will be considered favorably.

Paper Guidelines All papers should:

• Include at least 10 scholarly sources;

• Be 6-8 pages in length;

• Proofread carefully for grammar, punctuation and citation consistency;

• Reflect careful research and critical thinking on one’s secondary schooling


A strong paper:

• Is well structured, providing a clear thesis that is properly substantiated;

• Focuses on at least two identity categories (race, class, gender, sexuality,

dis/ability, etc.);

• Avoids redundancy and the use of quotations without interpretation;

• Explain how one’s experiences of school reflect broader, structural issues;

• Draws upon local history or politics to explain the nature of one’s schooling;

• Contextualizes your school, using Yearbooks, School Report Cards,

Newspaper articles (past and present), or any related sources. Please note that the aforementioned sources are not considered scholarly ones.

Paper Format

The reflexive analysis paper should use the following formatting guidelines:

• Name, assignment, and date in the top left-hand corner

• Page numbers on every page

• Double-spaced

• One-inch margins on all sides

• Times New Roman, 12pt

• Use the following file name format to save your paper: