IDENTITY Relationship of teenagers’ science identity with digital games on mobile devices.

The research is trying to find whether there is any association of digital games with constructing/ shaping of science identity.

This research is using Carlone and Johnson (2007) science identity model. This section of science identity needs to be fixed and more justification and information is needed. There must be a corelation of each wording.

Please go through my writing carefully and follow the path and just modify. Be careful with APA referencing. I was advised not to put very old definitions from 1980. Each and every sentence needs to be carefully placed and justifies. I need a justification for why using this identity model rather than other models.

It has to explained properly so the research questions also matches with this info. Please note, the research questions are based on three components of the model ( competence,performance and recognition) So it has to be justified why this model is used.

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