Identifying the image of children portrayed in each of your 3 selected articles/blogs

Essay or Presentation.

Select one chapter from the textbook other than the first and concluding chapters.

Find 3 discussions about the topic that you can submit as text for your assignment. For example, you could select a newspaper article, a magazine article, a blog.

Discuss the article in relation to your selected chapter. This will involve:

 _Identifying the image of children portrayed in each of your 3 selected articles/blogs (5 marks).

 _Attempting to identify any evidence the authors have used (8 marks).

 _Considering whether the image portrayed in your articles/blogs are consistent with current research (5 marks).

 _Use of scholarly articles beyond the chapter and the article (see Chapter 1 of your textbook for the types of articles considered scholarly) (8 marks).

 _Use of analysis to develop your argument (9 marks).


 _Correct use of referencing (5 marks).


Submit the essay and associated articles/blogs online through iLearn.

Students doing the presentation should submit their slides articles/blogs and any other materials online. Losing Marks (marks refer to marks out of 40)
The essay or presentation includes three articles/blogs. 10-20 marks deducted for not including three articles/blogs (or approved articles)
The first page includes your name, student number, declaration and the referencing style you have used (e.g. APA, Harvard, Chicago). 1.5 marks deducted for each piece of missing information.
Late submission 1.2 marks will be lost per day (or part day) after the due date past the agreed submission date. Weekend days are included in the calculation.
The essay/presentation must be in your own words. 1.5 marks deducted for every quoted sentence or phrase unless the quote is from your articles/blogs.

1.5 marks deducted for each sentence/phrase of close paraphrasing (i.e. superficial changes to the published wording).

Cases of plagiarism will be referred to the IEC Academic Honesty Committee for advice on penalties.