IDENTIFY the origin of each of the following items AND discuss the significance of the exchange

Please respond to the post “content” answers already provided below, demonstrate ample evidence, with minimum of 250 words, exhibit thorough research that CONTRIBUTES meaningful information USING the text Chapts 1 and 2 ONLY: Norton, Mary Beth et. al. A People and A Nation, Vol. I, to 1877. Advantage (9th) edition. Boston: Wadsworth (Cengage Learning), 2012. Print copy ISBN: 978-0-495-91525-6 (9th edition) (it has a black lady on the cover!).AND another scholarly source. 2 total

NOTE* Unacceptable:Wikipedia,, etc. are NOT SCHOLARLY SOURCES. ALSO Unacceptable: Use of dictionaries and encyclopedias or content from OTHER general U.S. History textbooks or online “lectures” DO NOT demonstrate THOROUGH RESEARCH.

Original/Insightful:Largely “original” content; includes insightful analysis of the supplied answer below, interpretation(s), conclusion(s) based on evidence–NOT OPINION.

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IDENTIFY the origin of each of the following items AND discuss the significance* of the exchange of each item:

beans (New World);

chocolate (New World);

cor n (New World);

cotton (New world AND Old world);

horses (Old World);

potato (New World);

pumpkin (New World);

turkeys (New World);

wheat (Old World);

wool (Old World).

Please respond to the peer completed answers below: (NO opinion just fact!)

Many wonderful food items originated in America such as Beans, Chocolate, Corn, Potato’s, Pumpkins and Turkeys to name a few. If not for the exchange of beans history would be different because London wouldn’t have been able to create one of their staple dishes of beans on toast. Just a simple can of baked beans on buttered pieces of toast is a traditional favorite in London, without this exchange this staple dish would not have ever been created. And of course beans make up so many other foods we eat today, from chili dishes, bean burritos, baked bean dishes at summer potlucks, or a Jamaican favorite of rice and peas (aka beans).

If not for the exchange of chocolate candy manufacturers would be nonexistent, and most devastatingly the world would be lacking in dessert options. However, I have to point out, that most of our “chocolate” wouldn’t be chocolate had we not been able to import sugar from Asia and Africa. Cacao may come from America, but to create Chocolate we needed the exchange of sugar as well. What a wonderful partnership these two ingredients make. Corn is included in the majority of our food items today, it is also used as the primary food source for the cattle and poultry that we eat. America produces 45% of the words corn (Norton, 21). Our history would also be different without the exchange of the potato because the positive impact on our economy from the sale of these goods has made a huge financial impact on America. Not to mention the many dishes made around the word with potatoes would not be available. A fresh potato just pulled from the ground is one of the tastiest treats and is a good starch and filler. If not for the exchange of the Pumpkin, pumpkin pie which is considered an all American favorite dessert especially on Thanksgiving. The pumpkin was also carved and today is used by many in celebration of Halloween. It is called a jack-0-lantern. The pumpkin has made a huge impact on our culture and how many Americans and the rest of the word view these two American Holidays. If not for the exchange of the Turkey this would affect our history in that

Some wonderful items originated in Europe such as Horses, Wheat and Wool.

Horses really brought America into a new era and traveling by foot became a thing of the past. Had horses not been exchanged America wouldn’t have had reason to make carriages for horses to pull and for families to travel long distances. Traveling by horseback made hunting much easier as well. Wheat, much like Corn, has made a huge impact on the food we eat today. A major food staple Bread is the main staple of why wheat is planted and harvested. If not for the exchange of wheat America would be without the kinds of breads we have today. Wheat is also found in almost all cereals, it is easy to harvest and can be stored for short and long term periods which made it very easy for managing from start to finish (Lidon)

Wool was typically used for clothing and had there not been the exchange of wool, many clothing items would not be available. Wool is a very warm material and it was woven into fabric, it is still used today in clothing.

Cotton originated from both America and Asia. Cotton is one of the most used sources for clothing today. It comes from a plant and had there not been the exchange of cotton I really am not sure how we would have created clothing that was comfortable to wear. Cotton is a soft material it is a hugely important crop that most if not all of the world uses.

NOTE*** BELOW IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT YOUR RESPONSE ILL LOOK LIKE TO THE RESPONSE ALREADY SUPPLIED TO YOU FROM THE ORIGINAL QUESTIONS ASKED*** Include works cited page and in-text citation (MLA style) to support your evidence and facts using 2 sources 1 the textbook and another SCHOLARLY article.

Thank you for your thoughtful post. I didn’t read the assignment the same way that you did — a point which I am now regretting! I understood “Discuss public opinion and the American electoral process” to mean that we should discuss public opinion in conjunction with the electoral process. Strong effort in exampling how to respond appropriately to the posted question. Regarding your content about the Zogby and Gallup polls, you defined the polls as often controlled by major news organizations in order to allow candidates the opportunity to monitor short-term campaign developments. I challenge that interpretation and assert that the Gallup Poll, in particular, is not controlled by news organizations. It functions as an independent organization. At the Gallup website, posted statements by company representatives indicate an established policy that it avoids undertaking polls paid for or sponsored by any special interest groups (Gallup). Also, I fail to note the connection between the Gallup public opinion polls and the tracking polls, which as defined by our text, serve a narrow purpose (Terrant 57). Beyond the Terrant text information, my additional research unearthed an interesting article on the Zogby poll posted to a commercial political website, (Zogby). My analysis of the article content is limited to facts which support our text as the website is “commercial” and lacks a specific author for the piece (thus, no authority can be established for some of the interesting revelations and assertions) (Zogby). Still,it is worth reading if only to register questions and issues surrounding Zogby polls.

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