Identify the financial requirements for the new products and services.

FINANCIAL PLAN (Continued from 498)
• Salaries and other benefits are in line.
• Addresses contingency plan if sales forecasts go unmet.
• Financial documents are mathematically correct.
• Figures on various documents (cash flow, income statement, balance sheet)
are consistent.
• Identifies the significant new products and services planned for continued
• Identifies the market place for new products and services.
• Contains five year projection for growth that agrees with financial section.
• Identify the financial requirements for the new products and services.
• Addresses how growth plan will enable owner and investor exit.
4-6 pgs
4-6 pgs

Continue in PJT

• Parenthetical/In Text Citations
• References
• Appendices applicable for the project type
also i want to add to my power point 10 slides from the beginning of my business plan and i already have 12 slides
Prepare FINAL PPT Presentation: The Senior Project culminates with the student
presenting his/her findings to the project mentor, fellow students, and outside
evaluators via WebEx or other synchronous method.

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