Identify strategic management terms such as low cost strategy, focus, external environmental analysis.

Read a recent article (from 26 May 2013 to present) from Bloomberg Business Week, Economist,

Fortune, The New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal about a major action taken by either a

non-profit or for-profit organization. Articles from other periodicals and from before 26 May

2013 will not be accepted. Articles about examples discussed by the instructor will also note be

accepted. Email your article to the instructor and your feedback person a minimum of 48 hours

before 5pm on the day of your presentation. Be prepared to describe this action to your class,

any additional research you’ve done on the company, the industry, the internal, external, and

global environments, any other aspects that are related to Strategic Management (see course

syllabus and textbook table of contents). Name the key strategic management terms that the

author used in the article. Describe how these concepts relate to course materials and how they

are applied in this specific real-life example. Aim your article presentation to be about 5

minutes. You may choose to present with slides. There is no written presentation required.

Oral feedback will be provided by the assigned student in class immediately following the

presentation of the article. For example, on 01 June, Bartels will first present an article. Once

Bartels is done with his presentation, Zhang will provide immediate feedback in class. Aim your

article feedback to be about 2 minutes. There is no written feedback required.

For example, consider the August 13, 2009 article titled, “Samsung’s Plan to Strengthen its

Weaknesses.” Samsung is the number two global player in the cellphone handset market behind

Nokia, with a market share of 19 percent. Its revenues and profits have increased even in the

global economic downturn. And yet, J.K. Shin, the company’s handset business chief is making

plans to strengthen Samsung’s position.

Students should be able to identify strategic management terms such as low cost strategy, focus,

external environmental analysis, etc. as these terms are indicated both by the article writer as

well as by Samsung’s managers. Here is the article presentation schedule.

I provide the news article

Attention! I don’t have many summary. I need analysis about strategic management about the article “J.P. Morgan Aim to cut 5,000 Job”.