Identify and gain a critical understanding of the uncertainty and complexity of the range of approaches and theoretical perspectives.Discuss

Assessment Strategies


Assessment Title

Produce an individual professional poster that details the theoretical and practical principles of self management (1,500 word equivalent). (60%)

Assignment Specification

Relates to Learning Outcome

Assignment – to include:

• Demonstrate a critical awareness of psychological aspects of the self. (30%).

• Displays critical understanding of ambiguities and uncertainty around theoretical perspectives. (30%).

• Communicate accurately and reliably with an innovative approach to layout and structure (10%)

• Show a depth of critical reflection in line with the needs of the question (20%).

• Evidence of academic research and referencing (10%).

a) Critically analyse the origins of, and contemporary research in, psychological aspects of the self.

b) Identify and gain a critical understanding of the uncertainty and complexity of the range of approaches and theoretical perspectives.

c) Critically reflect on the nature of the relationship between individual effectiveness and the work environment.

Marking Guidance.


Semester 1 Assessment – Academic Poster

In answering the assessment students should show a systematic understanding of the key aspects of the module. In this assessment, the content and layout of the poster is of the students choosing, however there should be evidence of research and application of relevant taught theory and models, along with wider appropriate research, relating to the learning outcomes.

With regard to the needs of the question, there are many ways to potentially achieve the learning outcomes, so answers will vary depending on how the student devises, sustains and portrays relevant arguments. In successfully meeting the learning outcomes the student should meet the requirements of the assignment specification.

A relevant answer will include, but is not limited to, for example; identification of some relevant theory; justification of the theory; development of lines of argument and reflection around self management.

Students should comment upon aspects of current research, although it should be recognised that the overall word count is limited.

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