Identify and describe the target audience by message and medium•

 ETrade                                                              Best Buy    Wal-Mart                                                      Ford Motor   Bank of America      • Identify and describe the target audience by message and medium• An evaluation of the various mediums including website, press and news releases, current ads, social media and any other communications. • What is the message? Is there an action required?• Does the communication and message meet the target audience? What recommendations would you offer to improve specific communications?• If you think the communication and communication mediums are appropriate, explain in detail why.  It is not enough to say the communication as is is ok.• Explain how the elements above were combined to shape meaning.• What recommendations would you make to improve the marketing writing based on reading and other research you conducted in the course? • Based on what you learned in your case study analysis, what knowledge, skills, and concepts can you transfer to work and/or community activities? 

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