Identify an unsustainable value, norm, perspective, or practice that marginalizes GLBTQ children and/or families.


You will use what you learned in class this semester to give a 4-5 minute oral presentation in Blackboard. Your presentation should be based on the following guidelines, not necessarily in this order. Remember to be sensitive and not offensive or judgmental.

1. First identify and name your target audience in your presentation. Based on what you have learned, who would you like to present to regarding GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) families, or families with GLBTQ children? The audience can be at any level (e.g., an audience at a local level might be teachers, high school students).

2. Discuss three things that you have learned in this class regarding children’s gender and sexuality development and name your sources. You may use the sources discussed in class, or you may use an outside source as long as you identify the author(s) by name. Give an example of your own bias or stereotype and how you have confronted or changed your bias. Even if you don’t think you are biased, you may have a stereotype because you may not know a lot about certain individuals. You could address a cultural stereotype or bias that you may have had; for example, the article by Jamil et al. (2009) in week 4 discussed cultural differences in GBQ male ethnic minorities.

3. Identify an unsustainable value, norm, perspective, or practice that marginalizes GLBTQ children and/or families. How would social policy or a societal value be changed to be more inclusive? Marginalizing means that a particular group does not have equal access to resources or is not valued for the human capital and potential that the group has.

You might discuss contexts in which LGBTQ children are discriminated (social), and biological aspects of sexual orientation (biological), and synthesize with a social policy discussion of equality. There are weblinks, such as the American Psychological Association weblink in Blackboard that may help you to formulate your ideas in addition to the content in the Social Policy area of the course. Here is the APA weblink, the beginning of which describes discrimination:

4. What does inclusivity mean you? Be specific and detailed (you may want to give an example). What are your recommendations for making children’s or family environments more inclusive? Be sure to address the context that would be applicable to your audience (e.g., school environment is a context that would be applied to high school teachers and students). Here is an example of a website that promotes inclusivity in schools from

5. End with a conclusion.

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