Identify a town within the UK which you feel could benefit from re-imaging.

Your task is to Identify a town within the UK which you feel could benefit from re-imaging. This must preferably
be a town of less than 500,000 residents as you will find this assessment more difficult to do with a large city.
Evidence can be found by reading national newspapers which are available in the digital library in the LRC, or
alternatively by using other media non academic sources. You may decide to use the internet initially to find
towns that you think may have a poor reputation, the UK Governments statistics website is a good source of
information. You could enhance/confirm this research my carrying out a mini survey to find out people’s
perceptions of your chosen town or perhaps do a SWOT analysis.
After deciding upon a suitable town to reimage you will then consider an event strategy that could be used to
achieve a more positive image of the selected town.

Required portfolio content
 Demonstrate your rationale for choosing your town, giving evidence of any current poor image (this can
be reports, survey or newspaper articles and can be attached as an appendix if too large). You may wish
to carry out a SWOT analysis of the town or a survey to evidence this too.
 Analyse and discuss the urban regeneration issues relating to your chosen town, including maps of the
town if needed for support or discussion.
 Discuss your chosen event regeneration strategy and the desired new or altered image you would hope to
achieve by your event(s). You should decide upon at least one good objective that you would wish to
achieve to improve the town’s image.
 Branding your city or town is a good way to sell it globally therefore your strategy should also incorporate
a proposal on how you wish your chosen town to be marketed, many cities or towns use slogans or visual
logos, to this end and you may wish to do the same. i.e. what do you want your town to be known for, (it
may link to the town’s heritage).
 Identify the stakeholders that contribute to urban development programmes and evaluate their interests
in any renewable programme
 There are always limitations to what can be achieved and recognition of these need to be identified and
critically analysed as to whether they can be overcome.

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