How would you describe orientations in psychodynamics.

Step1- access the website

Access a short form of the Myers-Briggs personality trait test by clicking (“”) take the test and score it following the directions.
Step 2-compare the test results with your view of your dominant personality traits.

-do you think the test is accurate?

-do you see yourself differently than the test?

Step 3-describe what you have learned about your personality

-summarize the results of the personality test and address whether or not you agree with them.
How would each of the following orientations describe your personality:





(For example, a behaviorist may view my personality as a result of my parents’ childbearing practices. I always wanted to make my parents laugh. I was constantly making jokes (response to need for parents’ laughter), followed by the reinforcement of my parents laughter (encouraging my behavior to become more frequent). As an adult, I like to be light-hearted person in the room, always making jokes to help people smile.

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