How was Ancient Mesopotamia characteristic of civilization in general?

Read chapter one and two in the textbook. Answer the following questions in the required lengths listed below. You must answer this question with the following general format and style requirements. This applies to all future essays as well.

Use Microsoft Word (pdf. is also acceptable)

Font should be Times, 12 point font size

Use as maximum standard 1-inch margins on all sides and do not go lower than .5

Single space body of essay

1.5-2 pages; 3 pages absolute maximum

Citations can be in MLA or Chicago format

Page number is not required

Do not rewrite the question in the essay

You can re-state the question as part of your prose

Try not to write in abbreviations

If all else fails, use your common sense and rational logic

How was Ancient Mesopotamia characteristic of civilization in general? Why is it the first society in which detailed historical study is possible? You should make references from the Uruk Period down to the Old Babylonian Period under Hammurabi (4300-1750 BC).

Finally, discuss the significance of the Assyrian Empire or Persian Empire. Read the excerpts from the “Analyzing Primary Sources”: The Code of Hammurabi. What does this law code tell us about the complexities of ancient Mesopotamian society. Read the excerpt “Diplomacy of Mycenaeans and the Hittites”: What does this letter reveal about Late Bronze Age (ca. 1200 BCE) diplomacy?

As you can clearly see this paper has several parts. You should respond to the question posed. The above questions should be answered as part of one paper for this unit; simply answer the question in sequence. Use documented evidence to support and substantiated. Evidence–primary or secondary–is found in your textbook and all the resources of this Moodle course.