How much importance should be given to the energy cost situation?

I have a finance class final paper, I believe I can complete the paper myself, but I need your help to do those calculation by using excel spreadsheet. Plus few sentences to explain the required questions(6 of them)

my request consist two parts

1, calculate financial factors on Excel spreadsheet, all data will be giving under “ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENT ” No outside resources needed

o Operating Cash Flows

o Incremental Cash Flows, including investment and salvage

o Warranty costs


o NPV, IRR, Payback, and Profitability Index

2, Several sentences to explain following questions based on the calculation result

1) How much importance should be given to the energy cost situation?

2) What are the project’s cash flows for the next twenty years? What assumptions

did you use?

3) What is the company’s cost of capital? What is the appropriate discount factor

(which may be different) for you to use in evaluating the bus project?

4) If you decide to go ahead with the project, which of the two engines should be

used in the bus, and why?

5) Evaluate the quality of the project, by using appropriate capital budgeting


6) Would you recommend that Shrieves Transportation Company accept or reject the

project? What are the key factors on which you base your recommendation?

I will upload three additional materials to help you finish the job, but you do not need complete the whole paper(which requires at least 6 pages). I only need you to finish the calculation part and briefly explain those 6 questions for me.

Thank you so much!