How does the supreme court decision in United Citizens affect big business and the election of judges?Explain


Watch the documentary Hot coffee

Answer the fallowing questions.

Is the right to solve your problems in a civil court. Constitutional right?

Why is the jury system important.

What percentage of fault was assigned to Mc. Donalds.

How did the jury arrive at the amount of punitive damages?

What are punitive damages?

Comparative negligence

How did it work in this case.

Was the amount cut down in appeal?

How did the media turned the disadvantage into an advantage?

How did they turned this case upside down?

What is tort reform?

How does the supreme court decision in United Citizens affect big business and the election of judges?

Is it laws that restrict people right to be compensated

Limit consumers right to go to court?

How did they use the Mc donalds case to limit consumer rights?

What is the American tort reform association?

Who is part of ATRA?

Name some of the corporations that form ATRA

How did president Reagan and later bush help the anti consumer laws?

What are some of the ads that are played on tv to push the agenda of tort reform?

Who is karl Rowe?

What did Bush help anti consumer groups in Texas and in Washington?

What are the caps on damages?

How do caps on damages affect people who have been wronged?

What happened in the medical malpractice case presented in the documentary?

What caused the brain injury to Colin?

How does caps on damages take away the right of juries?

What is the chamber of commerce?

Explain caps on non-economic damages, economic damages. Punitive damages. How does the arbitrary number set on the ‘caps’ affect the compensation on injured people?

What happened to Collin because of the caps on damages? Who ended up paying for his damages? Who ended up paying for his damages?

Do medical doctors insurance premiums go own when caps are set? Decide

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