How does Christian theology relate to my educational and career choices?"

An integration paper is your reflection and integration of the Christian theological

worldview with the so-called secular worldview. In this paper you will explore the question:

“How does Christian theology relate to my educational and career choices?” Throughout

this course you have been wrestling with the relationship between the Christian and non-Christian

worldviews and should at this point have developed some competency in

negotiating the relationship. The integration paper strives to relate the biblical, theological

and issues of faith to your choices in education, vocation and career. This is a paper in

which you will demonstrate your ability to develop a model for the integration of biblicaltheological

and the so-called secular worldview.

This paper gives you an opportunity to integrate the interpretive insights and methods that

you are learning, the theological ideas that you are exploring in your readings and

discussions with non-Christian worldviews. Your paper should however avoid extremes:

(1) Avoid, for example, injecting a long series of biblical references unaccompanied by

interpretive comment. Make sure that your use of biblical material illuminates the specific

contribution you wish to make rather than the totality of what you discover. In other words,

avoid stringing copious biblical references together as a form of proof-texting. (2) Avoid an

overly simplified presentation of conclusions, unaccompanied by substantiating evidence

and reasoning. Simply naming the theological position without interpretative insight says

little about your understanding of the theology. (3) he study Scripture and theology is not

conducted in a vacuum, as though we alone could discern the truth, or as if we alone were

an infallible interpreter, needing no checks, challenges, and corrections from others, past

and present. Just as it is anti-biblical to blindly trust our tradition as the sovereign arbiter of

what Scripture is allowed to reveal, so it is anti-biblical to ignore the church’s tradition of

interpretation or the use of reason as though I alone can be the sovereign arbiter of what

Scripture may mean.

Start by brainstorming about the kinds of expectations and responsibility you have or will

have in your educational and career choices. For instance, if your goal is to become a

psychology counselor, then note the reasons why you wish to pursue this career (e.g.,

want to help people, personal tragedy, etc.) and then think deeply about how the

theological issues discussed in this course can help you integrate your vocational choices

with your faith and Christian worldview. For instance, how might the Christian problem of

sin and reconciliation speak to the problem of mental illness and health? You will need to

discuss thoroughly and integrate at least four theological themes to excel in this paper.

This will be a substantive paper of 6-7 pages (Times New Roman, double spaces, 12 point

font). You must integrate your intended educational and career choices to the main

theological issues discussed in this course. You must choose at least five (5) theological

issues to relate to your educational/ career intentions and treat the items substantively and

in-depth. Make sure you draw connections between your theology and your


(my career choice is an RN in the healthcare field treating mental illness.)