How do health care professionals communicate with people with depression and anxiety.

Phase Four: Annotated Bibliography

Your research proposal will incorporate existing research that will help to provide the background and rationale for why you should do new research on this subject. In order to make a successful proposal, you need to be familiar with research

sources that currently exist.

Content Requirements:

• 4 peer-reviewed, academic sources (or credible sources, i.e. Census data) per person in your group

• Half of those sources should deal with the research context (i.e. data about the rate of gentrification in Roxbury,

Boston policies around student housing and low-income housing)

• Half of those sources should deal with interpersonal concepts or interpersonal research that relates to your

topic (i.e. existing research on intercultural communication, dealing with socioeconomic class, specifically)

• Each source must include a bulleted list below, covering the following:

• 1-2 sentence summary of the article’s topic, method, and findings

• 1-2 sentences about the relevance of this research to your question/problem

• 1 sentence about why this is a credible source for you to use.

• Author/institution information, (i.e. What the professor is a professor in, what the organization that

published the data does, etc.)

Technical Requirements:

• Appropriate & impeccable use of APA formatting

• Page numbers

• Sources alphabetized in two sections (your final paper will require one long References section, alphabetized):

• Context Sources

• Concept Sources