How do health care prfessionals communicate with people who struggle from depression and anxiety to overcome their communication barriers

Your research proposal is a blueprint for your final paper; a great research proposal can set you on a strong track for the final research project you will conduct. You should be able to re-use (edited, of course) the majority of this information in

your final research paper.

A) Introduction (1/2 to 1 page)

This section provides a brief overview of your paper, including an outline of the reason you’re interested in doing

the study and what you hope to learn.

B) Research Problem/Phenomenon (2 pages)

This section answers the question:

“What is the problem that we’re studying?” or “What is the phenomenon we are studying?”


“WHY is this an important problem or phenomenon to study?”

You must use approximately half of your sources in this section of the paper. This section helps the reader(s) to

understand what you’re studying and why it’s worth studying right off the bat. Remember that you can look at

anything as long as you highlight the communication or communicative aspects of it, so feel free to be creative

and be sure that you’re highlighting how what you’re studying is communication.

Example: If you’re interested in learning about the experiences of college students at Boston University who grew

up in low income families, you’ll need to define what “low income” means, how many students at BU are from

“low income” families, that the retention rate of low income students at BU is, challenges that low income

students face (distinct from middle- and high- income students), and WHY this is worth looking at, at all.

C) Communication Literature Review (2 pages)

This section answers the question:

“What concepts from IP comm will help to shed light on this problem or phenomenon?”


“What previous research using these IP concepts has already been done?”

You must use approximately half of your sources to section of the paper, This section demonstrates to your

reader(s) that you are familiar with IP communication research that is related and relevant to your topic, and are

building from existing research rather than reproducing something that has already been done.

D) Research Question

In light of the problem or phenomenon you have identified, and in light of existing communication research on

things that might be related to that problem or phenomenon, you must name a specific research question that your

data for the project will discuss.

RESEARCH PROJECT: Interpersonal Communication

E) Methods & Methodology (1 page)

This section answers the question:

“How are we planning to collect, analyze, and interpret data in order to discuss our research question?”

You must cite Fontana & Frey and Charmaz, in addition to any other sources you find, as you outline the


i. Subject Population:

1. Who are you working with?

2. How are you working with them?

3. Why are they the best suited for this study?

4. How will you protect them & make sure they come to no harm?

ii. Interview Methods

1. What is your interview strategy?

2. How are you conducting your interviews?

3. What are the contextual, power, and cultural issues you must be mindful of?

iii.Data Analysis

F) Plan (1 page):

Create a timeline or checklist for what you’ve already accomplished and what you need to accomplish to move forward

with this project.

G) References:

Be sure that these are APA. Note: any citations that come from the Stewart book are cited by the chapter (since it is an

edited collection) rather than the whole book.


Technical Requirements:

• 2000-2200 words, with word count included

• Impeccable grammar

• Shows respect for participant

• Easy-to-understand writing and flow

• Succinct & precise language

• Appropriate and impeccable use of APA formatting

• Page numbers

• At least four sources per person in your group (i.e. If there are 3 of you, you must use 12 sources, approximately 6

I will also upload 4 sources that can be used for this research proposal as well as a document that should be cited in paper

Thank you!

per section