How did they handle the media? How did they address the public?Explain

This reflection needs to be 750 words. It doesn’t matter how many source you use. For this reflection, choose a business “disaster” and the leader associated with it. How did they handle the media? How did they address the public? Leverage some of the concepts we explored in the lectures. For example, how were the various stakeholders treated? Did the leader’s response address the issue(s) at hand or make things worse? Did the leader behave in an ethical and moral way? If so, how so and if not, why not? Did the leader’s “stock” of goodwill (say) increase or decrease? Was this incident an example of good (or bad) leadership? What lessons did you take away from this story that will help you become a “leader for a sustainable world”?
Of course, Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford comes immediately to mind, but look for a business story (vs. a political story) to choose from. For example, earlier this summer, Ed Burkhardt, CEO of Montreal Maine & Atlantic Railway came to Lac Mégantic to address the residents there. This is generally regarded as a case study in how to NOT do public relations. A few years before that (2008), Maple Leaf Foods CEO Michael McCain addressed the company’s listeria issue in which 20 people died after eating tainted product and his leadership approach won him wide praise. You can look elsewhere too. For example, making the news in the US is Kathleen Sebelius (Health and Human Services Secretary) and her handling of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (so- called ‘ObamaCare’). I would classify this as a business story since it deals with an operational issue (the ObamaCare website) and is not entirely political. There is no shortage of business leaders getting out in front of the public with their stories—find a story, dissect it, and reflect upon the learnings therein.

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